The Most Important Thing To Consider When Going Through A Divorce

Going through a divorce can take an emotional and psychological toll on just about anyone. But what many divorcing couples often underestimate is just how expensive a divorce can be. Even worse is how the financial impact of a divorce is felt throughout an excruciatingly drawn-out process.

It’s for this reason that it is absolutely necessary to have a support system around you who can help you move forward both emotionally and financially. The people you surround yourself with will be your most important asset when taking the challenges of a divorce head on. Listed below is a list of personalities you will need to have as successful an outcome as possible.

Family And Friends

For divorces involving children and property division, it’s important to have family and friends who can provide the necessary emotional support as you go through this tumultuous period of your life. Having friends and family who can empathize with your situation and just listen to you goes a long way towards putting you on the path to healing.

It’s also a good idea to regularly see a therapist during this time to ensure you have someone who can help you make sense of your stress and emotions.

A Divorce Attorney

An experienced matrimonial lawyer—ideally one you’ve known for years—will prove invaluable during a divorce, ensuring that you’re getting the best possible representation, especially when the separation involves dividing assets and/or child custody.

If you don’t know any attorneys specializing in family law, start by asking your friends and family. You should also seek referrals from other sources, whether it’s resources like Justia or family law attorney associations. It’s a good idea to narrow your choices down to three attorneys, interviewing each one before making any commitments.

Remember that a divorce process may end up taking years, so you want to work with an attorney that you can actually get along with. You also want to hire an attorney who offers a practical fee structure, at least to your current situation.

Financial Advisor

Besides an experienced divorce attorney, you should also consider working with a financial advisor specializing in divorces and other matrimonial matters. As you go through the divorce proceedings, you will need someone who can help you plan your current and future financial decisions.

A financial advisor’s expertise will also prove invaluable when evaluating settlement proposals and even witness testimony. And after the divorce, you will need an advisor to help you deal with the financial fallout of the separation, particularly if you have been out of the workforce for years and have depended on your spouse’s income.

Divorces are never a pleasant experience. But with these people by your side, the daunting divorce process can become less daunting and painful. If you, or a loved one, are going through a divorce and need an appraisal of your finances and resources, schedule a consultation with family law attorney Daniella Lyttle to discuss your financial and legal options. Call the Lyttle Law Firm today to find out how we can help you.

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