Startup Promises to Pay for Weddings, with the Condition of Getting Money Back If Things End in Divorce

Does love last forever?

One startup believes it has the perfect solution to make couples want to stick together, offering to pay for their wedding with one condition:

You can’t divorce each other.

SwanLuv is a new company accepting applications from couples looking to tie the knot and receive up to $10,000 in wedding funding with no charge or interest. After reserving a spot online, the company will conduct an investigation of your relationship to determine eligibility for a loan.

The only catch is that if the marriage ends in divorce, couples have to pay the company back the loaned amount, with interest to date—effectively incentivizing the act of staying together. Couples that stay married won’t have to pay a single cent. And that’s not all. The couples that end up separating also pay for another happy couple’s wedding.

On the question if their services are free, the company says, “Yes, couples that stay married are not required to pay back the funds provided. There are no hidden fees.”

The qualification process for the SwanLuv wedding loan is straightforward. For starters, the offer is open to couples who have “found their soulmate,” plan to marry within two years of applying, and need a little assistance to make their dream wedding come true.

Headquartered in Seattle, SwanLuv mines Internet data using algorithm programs to determine “applicant risk” for funding, setting what it sees as an appropriate interest rate based on a couple’s relationship strength.

And while it may seem that SwanLuv is hoping to make a profit off failed marriages, the company is trying to send the message that they want couples to succeed, going so far as to offer marriage counseling to help couples stay together.

As of press-time, SwanLuv has a little over 50 days to launch their service officially, with company executives hoping to roll out wedding loans in February 2016. If you think your relationship has what it takes to stand the test of time, SwanLuv’s offer may be worth a try! 

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