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The initial consultation you have with your lawyer sets that foundation for all your divorce issues. At our firm, we call initial consultations Strategy Sessions. And that is exactly what it is. We custom prepare a roadmap for you and a path to resolution of issues that concern you. Your lawyer needs to understand all your concerns. She needs to know all your faults, all your debts, and anything that might negatively impact your concern. Many of the items you fear disclosing, your spouse probably already knows. You lived with your spouse for some time, maybe decades. Most likely, your spouse already knows that you failed to pick your kids up on time. He or she probably knows how much you earn. We need to know what your spouse knows.

Simply put, the more we know about you, the better we can represent you. Nobody expects you to be perfect. If we know your income status, how well or not well you get along with your spouse and his/her relatives, and what your kids think of you – we can make sure we file the correct claims at the right time. We can prepare your case and raise questions about your spouse’s case – so that you get the best results possible.

Whether the initial conference takes place in person or on Zoom, honesty about your difficulties helps us help you.

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