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Texas Republican Aiming for Tougher Divorce Process

It’s not exactly a secret that Texas Republicans have taken a hard line stance on issues such as bathroom laws, abortion, and Planned Parenthood among many others. Now, the Texas GOP seems to be turning its sights on another social issue —divorce.

Texas State Representative Matt Krause of Fort Worth has filed a state bill aimed at making the divorce process harder for Texas couples, while also helping keep families together. The bill, if passed into law, would eliminate the ‘no-fault’ divorce option, also known as the leading category under which ex-spouses file for divorce in the entire state of Texas.

The emotional and financial strain brought about by a divorce naturally means that it’s a decision couples should never take lightly. However, filing for divorce under the no-fault option allows spouses in Texas and several other states to separate from their partners without the drawn-out process often associated with divorce proceedings. This option allows couples to simply divide their assets and go about their separate ways

But according to Krause, who is married and has a family of six, the prevalence of no-fault divorces has contributed to the breakdown of the family as a unit of society.

“I think people have seen the negative effects of divorce and the breakdown of the family for a long time,” he said. “I think this could go some way in reversing that trend.”

“I think we’ve done a terrible job, sometimes in our own lives and own quarters, of making sure we do what we can to strengthen the family. I think this goes a long way in doing that. I think people have seen the negative effects of divorce and the breakdown of the family for a long time. I think this could go some way in reversing that trend,” Krause adds.

By ending no-fault divorces, Krause believes that couples would think twice about separating. It would also help to protect spouses who do not want to end the marriage.

The bill is up for the consideration of Texas lawmakers in January, often called by divorce lawyers as “divorce month” due to an uptick of divorce inquiries and filings after the holidays.

Krause has also filed another bill that would extend the waiting period for divorces from 60 to 180 days. But critics point out that this will only make the divorce process more expensive and discourage spouses in abusive relationships to split from their partners.

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